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15 Fevereiro 2019

Scott Ian: A Música Dos Queen Soa Ainda Melhor Agora Do Que Há 40 Anos

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Scott Ian, guitarrista dos Anthrax disse através do Instagram que a música dos Queen soa “ainda melhor” agora do que há quatro décadas, quando descobriu a banda.

Ian acrescentou uma foto em que aparece com a sua esposa Pearl Aday e o lendário guitarrista dos Queen, Brian May.

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I’ve been listening to Queen since 1975, you could say I’m a big fan. Our son got into them heavily about 6 months ago and their catalog has been playing 24/7 in our house. Getting to experience them through my son’s ears has been an amazing experience, delving deeper than I ever have into their records, their arrangements, their completely original sound. It’s like hearing them for the first time 43 years later and they sound even better, just utterly fantastic. And if that’s not enough, check out this super-cool piece that Brian just did as a tribute for a recent NASA mission. In case you didn’t know, Brian (Dr. May) is also an astrophysicist. Here’s the link: @pearlcaliforniacountry @brianmayforreal @officialqueenmusic @nasa #tbt

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O guitarrista dos Anthrax disse ainda que os Queen são “a banda mais original de sempre e que Freddie [Mercury] foi o melhor vocalista de todos os tempos. “

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