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05 Dezembro 2019

Freddie Mercury: Divulgada Fotografia Do Primeiro Concerto Do Vocalista Em 1969

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O Freddie Mercury Club publicou no seu Instagram uma imagem de Freddie Mercury. A imagem data de 1969, no que aparenta ter sido a sua estreia em palco.

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💥Freddie's First Gig💥 . "Freddie was shy off-stage but he knew how to front a show. It was his way of expressing that side of his personality. Everything on-stage later in Queen, he was doing with Ibex at his first gig: marching from one end of the stage to another, from left to right and back again. Stomping about. He brought dynamics, freshness and presentation to the band that had been completely lacking previously." -Ken Testi (Ibex's manager) . 👉P.S. I love this curly haired almost-23-year-old Freddie… demonstrating his magical stagecraft, instilling "dynamics" and "freshness" into every band that was lucky enough to have him. After all he always knew he was a legend. It just took the world a while longer to agree with him too 💪❤👑 . 📷 Freddie's first ever stage appearance, with Ibex/Wreckage at Bolton 'Bluesology' in Octagon Theater on August 23rd, 1969. The 'Bluesology pop-in' was an open-air event in Bolton's Queen Park, and the proceedings were covered in Bolton's 'Evening News' which featured an uncredited photograph of Freddie. (The one I've posted here for you) . #FreddieMercury #firsttime

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